Who wrote BIM?

Building Information Modelling as currently defined first appeared in 1985. It uses a single model constructed with parametric objects, producing coordinated drawings and 3d models. It was used by a wide range of disciplines across the world. It is still in use today in the odd site.

This system is called SONATA. The author of Archicad has graciously accepted that SONATA was the first (see the book Understanding BIM) and that other systems such as RUCAPS were missing essential features such as parametrics and integrated 3D. 

SONATA was rewritten as REfLEX which became ProReflex when it was acquired by PTC in Boston. The founders of Revit were working at PTC at the time and acquired a development license for REfLEX together with access to staff, source code and documentation. Revit and REfLEX have a huge overlap in functionality much of it being identical. The flow of ideas from SONATA and REfLEX can be traced to other systems.

Dr Ingram wrote SONATA and REfLEX from 1983-1998 gaining customers  in wide-ranging disciplines around the world.

Understanding BIM documents why we need BIM, the history of BIM, early case studies in wide ranging disciplines, modern BIM, and the future of BIM. It also documents how BIM works. Dr Ingram is still involved inInformation Modelling, AI, AR, VR, language understanding and  other contemporary technologies.